DevOps/Cloud infrastructure drives Drone/UAV ecosystem provides software solutions to Nurture the Drone/UAV Ecosystem. We make drone safety simple & compliance easy. Their platform is based on aviation-verified data to ensure that every drone operator can PLAN safe missions, FLY with confidence & COMPLY with regulations. AirMarket FLY-SAFE – released Nov. 2016 Web app that simplifies flight planning, mapping & risk assessments so all drone flyers can quickly determine, “Is it safe & legal to fly my drone here?”

Founded by Lindsay Mohr, hired to provide expert DevOps, Cloud and Infrastructure services. codeRISE team worked with for over a year and helped them migrate their existing platform to AWS and also setup new services using AWS Lambda, AWS EC2, API Gateway, RDS and Docker.

June 11, 2017
Cloud Infrastructure, Migration to AWS, DevOps, Architecture