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Disaster Recovery


At CodeRise we have ensured quality Disaster Recovery Options when your company needs it the most. Whether your system crashes, a power outage occurs, or any cause which can take down your system, we ensure the quickest recovery time to get your system back up and running. 

Our highly qualified team will create a strong recovery plan
outlining all the steps needed to quickly resume the work of your company.

Using Azure Site Recovery Service, the process of recovering
your site will be seamless as Azure allows you to test the
Disaster Recovery Plan before hand, allowing you to know
that it works properly. Site recovery takes your primary site
and stores it into a secondary location, so if an outage does
occur you can still access all your data from the backup secondary site.

Site Recovery keeps your recovery time objectives (RTO) and recovery point objectives (RPO) low and provides frequencies as low as 30 seconds. 

Site recovery consistently keeps snapshots of capture disk data and memory in the process to replicate during recovery points. Site recovery gives customers the seamless experience of integrating with production-ready, application-specific scripts and more available on the Azure library.