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Ficto was a next-generation, proprietary, closed-network streaming platform which is compromised by an ecosystem inclusive of native mobile apps (Android, iOS, tablet and   more),   native   OTT   apps   (Apple   TV,   Roku,   Firestick   and   more),   web-based authoring   software   (utilized   for   CMS   and   publishing),   dozens   of   backend   APIs as well   as   secure,   third-party   solutions.

Ficto partnered with CodeRise Technologies Inc. and we developed the whole backend system including APIs for mobile and authoring tool, BlockChain integration and AWS cloud solutions. At CodeRise, we developed the backend for Ficto, video streaming app with blockchain-based CDN backend to offer instant playback without any buffering.


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20 Feb, 2018


Business Consulting

Challenge & Solution faced a unique challenge in establishing itself as a next-generation streaming platform with a proprietary closed network. They needed a robust, seamless ecosystem encompassing native mobile apps, OTT apps, web-based authoring software, and a complex network of backend APIs. Security and content integrity were also paramount, requiring blockchain integration. CodeRise Technologies Inc. partnered with to address these challenges comprehensively. We developed the entire backend system, including mobile app APIs and authoring tools, while seamlessly integrating Blockchain technology to enhance content security. Leveraging AWS cloud solutions, our team ensured buffer-free streaming, delivering instant playback without interruption. CodeRise’s innovative solutions empowered to overcome these challenges, creating a cutting-edge streaming platform that offers a seamless, secure, and high-quality viewing experience across diverse devices and platforms.

Played a pivotal role in developing the entire backend system for, encompassing APIs for mobile applications, authoring tools, and more.
Our expertise extended to integrating Blockchain technology into, enhancing content security and transparency.
Leveraged AWS cloud solutions to create a robust and high-performance video streaming app. The blockchain-based CDN backend implemented by our team ensured instant playback without any buffering, delivering a superior streaming experience to users.
Michael Esola

A great skilled @codeRISE team that was able to understand our goals and help design our solution to meet today’s and future needs.