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Harmeek Jhutty

Harmeek Jhutty

Founder & CEO

Harmeek Jhutty, the Founder and CEO of Coderise Technologies Inc., is an accomplished Software Engineering Leader and Digital Transformation Advisor with a distinguished career spanning over twenty years. Recognized for his expertise in driving technological innovation, Harmeek has held senior leadership positions at globally renowned companies such as IBM, BlackBerry, and PointClickCare.

With a recent landmark success, Coderise Technologies Inc., under Harmeek’s leadership, secured a prestigious public sector contract from the Canada Revenue Agency. This notable achievement underscores Harmeek’s ability to navigate complex landscapes and position Coderise as a trusted partner for critical governmental projects.

Harmeek holds an Executive MBA from the prestigious Rotman School of Management in Toronto, complementing his strong foundation in Computer Science & Engineering. His commitment to staying at the forefront of industry advancements is underscored by his certifications as an AWS Certified professional. Proficient in AWS, GCP, Kubernetes, and Micro-services Architecture, Harmeek is a strategic thinker, adept at crafting and executing roadmaps that align with business objectives.

Phone: (647) 332-0485

Email: [email protected]


…Leading Coderise Technologies Inc. is not just a role; it’s an opportunity to shape the digital landscape.

As a forward-thinking entrepreneur, Harmeek Jhutty continues to lead Coderise Technologies Inc. towards excellence, leveraging his multifaceted skill set to propel the company to new heights in the ever-evolving landscape of technology.

Harmeek is a trusted partner in guiding organizations through successful digital transformations. His leadership extends to overseeing Strategy, Management Consulting, Roadmap, API development, DevSecOps, and Cloud Infrastructure teams at Coderise Technologies Inc., where he brings a wealth of experience to shape cutting-edge solutions.

strategy & roadmap 90%
Architecture and Design 94%
cloud & digital transformation 91%
development, security and compliance 89%