Automated Testing


Test Automation for your CI CD pipelines

Quality and Speed

In order to stay successful in today’s world, it’s not just about providing quality, but also providing it quickly. To achieve this, companies adopt DevOps culture and practices, combining both development and operations teams to continually collaborate.


Enable Automated Testing

In order to enable Automated Testing for your Continuous Delivery pipelines, we at CodeRise Technologies provide the following services:

  • Continuous and automated monitoring of the quality
  • Automated virtualized test environment
  • Integration, deployment and end-to-end automation
  • Templates and guidelines for DevOps
  • We focus on delivering improved operational efficiency and deployment.
  • Our testing experts are experienced in continuous integration and can configure and execute powerful tools, offering services like:
  • Access to the current state of your DevOps adoption, processes and tools.
  • QA Implementation of standardized processes, frameworks and tools.
  • End-to-end automated solution for automated testing which plays into the integration process.
  • Recommendations and identification of the best tools that allow accelerated software delivery and implementation.


The best way to guarantee a successful DevOps initiative and let it live up to your desired outcome is through a team of specialists who understand how to continually test through efficient end-to-end automation. Our professionals possess and in-depth understanding of DevOps implementation and are ready to help your organization.

Incorporating this technology into your testing helps develop a seamless development and production environment which in turn provides continuous feedback and testing. There are different types of automation, scripting for repeatable tasks, orchestration and so on.

Here are the basic types of automation that we cover:


Automated unit tests are coded verifications that can validate one specific behavior in the system.

These usually focus on code that has no external dependencies, calls to a database, web services and so on. 

We ensure all paths through the code are validated.


Through integration tests we validate the behavior that occurs between components that are written by developers. These involve checking the web services, database calls or any other API integrations that have been implemented.

Integration tasks tend to avoid granular validations and focus on significant ones, for example:  when would X be invoked with valid data and will it get a valid response.

This integration test does not cycle through all the cases, for this we have unit tests.


Through these tests we validate a slice of the system’s functionality.

They often run by the User Interface and are much slower than integration tests.

These are slow and should only be focused on a small amount of scenarios that are of high value.

Why CodeRise Technologies?

DevOps is a worthy path when it comes to business development and the creation of quicker software, one of the keys being test automation, something we are extremely experienced in. We pay attention to detail and integrate the system in a convention and risk-free way. Our testing process is automatic and has proven effective in the past with a lot of clients.

Getting automated testing right is extremely important and is one of the strongest indicators that you are developing into a mature DevOps operation that will lead to eventual success.


Test Automation Consulting

implement  automated tests  as part of your CI CD pipelines