Container As a Service (CaaS) is growing very rapidly. Enterprises are adopting the containers and orchestration for managing containerized applications at scale. In the previous blog we also discussed the tools for the container security.

Orchestration Platforms:

Kubernetes [Open Source]:

Kubernetes is the CNCF (Cloud Computing Native Foundation ) hosted project. It is used for automated deployment, scaling, and management of Containerized applications. You can find more information about Kubernetes here.

Amazon ECS [Closed Source]:

Amazon ECS is used for management of containerized applications, based on Docker as the container engine. It is a highly scalable, high-performance service provided by the AWS. You can find more information about Amazon ECS here.

Docker Swarm
 [Open Source]:

Docker swarm is a native clustering solution provided by the Docker itself. It is a single virtual host which is created by the pool of the Docker using API Proxy. You can find more information about the Docker Swarm here.

Google Container Engine [Closed Source]:

GCE provides automated container management. Google Container Engine provides a one click Kubernetes cluster. You can find more information about the Google Container Engine here.

Microsoft Azure Container Service [Closed Source]:

ACS allow you to manage and deploy containerized applications. It’s possible to use open source tools like Kubernetes to use with ACS. You can find more information about the ACS here.

Mesosphere DC/OS [Open Source]:

Mesosphere DC/OS provides the container orchestration. The data center operating system is a distributed operating system based on the Apache Mesos distributed system kernel. You can find more information about Mesosphere DC/OS here.

Rancher [Closed Source]:

Rancher provides a container management platform which includes orchestration with Kubernetes and Docker Swarm. You can find more information about the Rancher here.

Tectonic [Closed Source]:

Tectonic is an orchestration platform provided by the CoreOS. It provides production ready Kubernetes to the enterprise. You can find more information about the Tectonic here.

These are few of the emerging orchestration platforms in which enterprises are adopting. Kubernetes is one of the most adopted platforms for orchestration. As containerized applications are growing, more cases are added with an open source container orchestration. If you want public cloud-based orchestration then you can check out GCE, Amazon ECS, and Azure ACS.

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