Installing Kubernetes cluster on AWS using KOPS

This blog will show you how to install a Kubernetes cluster on AWS using KOPS.


You must have kubectl , kops and aws-cli installed on your system. For AWS operations, we will be using AWS CLI for our usage but same can be done using AWS GUI.

You should have an IAM user created and configured with aws-cli.


Create a route53 domain for your Kubernetes cluster:

Create a new NS record for ‘dev’ in the parent domain ‘’ so that the records in the domain will resolve.

Double-check your cluster route 53 entry got created correctly:

Create an S3 bucket to store Kubernetes clusters state:

Export Kubernetes cluster configuration:

Create Kubernetes cluster on AWS:

You can run the following command to view pods –

Deploying a sample Nginx app:

Your Kubernetes cluster on AWS is all setup and ready to use, enjoy!

Next steps

Once you have your Kubernetes cluster on AWS all setup and ready, you can check out our modern CI CD kubernetes deployment pipeline blog and start deploying applications in your cluster.